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Why Earth’s Temperatures Warm?—a short pamphlet that explains and answers the question: if COis not causing warming, what is? £1.95


The Greenhouse Functionality Theory—if the “greenhouse gas” theory is invalid, as discussed elsewhere, then what is the nature and influence of our atmosphere on the earth’s climate? Is the atmosphere really a greenhouse? How does a greenhouse work? What is the history behind the “greenhouse gas” theory and is it built on sound science?

What is the new theory that explains the role of the atmosphere in keeping the earth warm, and how does it account for temperatures on neighbouring planets?

Why does CO2 heat faster when used in an experiment? These and many other fascinating questions are answered by this new paradigm—a new conceptual model of our climate. £8.95

Challenge to Drawdown—much has been written and discussed regarding editor Paul Hawken’s book Drawdown. Prince Charles refers to “solutions to climate change”, in his Forward, under the assumption that reducing CO2 is a given. UK society is practically unanimous in its endorsement of the COscare, is this fear justified? 

But are these drastic policies and recommendations necessary, or even relevant? This counter argument to the Drawdown is expertly written, historically and scientifically accurate, and asks deeper questions that must be addressed before society is demanded to foot bills that it may not be able to afford. £8.95

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