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Why is it in your interests to donate to the CSJ? Because leftist political forces, in order to justify the confiscation of all property to effect the literal enslavement of all people (to force them to work for the same employer), are stripping the human race of low-cost fuels in the name of “the environment”. 

We have to stop this criminal fraud. 

Humanity depends upon inexpensive energy so that people can warm their homes, cook their foods, transport goods, travel, enjoy life and reduce inefficient and life-shortening manual labour. Without fuels, hundreds of millions or even billions may perish, and many will be affected, mostly likely yourself, with lower standards of living and reduced individual freedoms. 

The environment is not threatened by carbon dioxide at all, in fact, COhas a net cooling effect on Earth, converting solar energy into plants and phytoplankton at the basis of the food chain, which otherwise would warm the planet. Forests are cooler than deserts for this reason, because they convert solar energy into carbon plants from the carbon dioxide in the air, plant life which then feeds all animals. More carbon dioxide results in a cooler Earth, and faster growth rates for plants, and more available food for all life. It is not the first time that the scientific community has been absolutely wrong.

The use of the collective in order to justify wholesale violations of individual rights and liberties reached a high point in the atrocities of World War 2, when socialist states Germany, the USSR and Japan invaded other nations to enslave their people and confiscate their wealth. Socialism uses the collective as the excuse for its dishonest slaveholding class to strip minorities of their wealth before murdering them, and the current global communist takeover is no different. Venezuela in this century went from being the wealthiest nation in South America to the poorest, in less than ten years, by implementing a socialist system, in spite of their having the world’s largest petroleum reserves.

The CSJ seeks to advance the state of climate science with new and important experimentation carried out by some of the world’s foremost scientific minds, acting as independent voices in the field. We need your help to bring new discoveries to the wider public to challenge the fabricated climate crisis.

The bigger part of the job that needs to be done is the promotion of genuine climate science to rise above the false narrative. Not only as a platform for debates, but for charactered dissemination of a more rational, balanced, well-researched and understandable paradigm. That takes money to compete with predominantly leftist political movements and forces that have billions in funding who are seeking to reduce our personal and economic liberties under the guise of the environment. But honest ideas well presented even with limited funding can have a more powerful impact than drivel backed by millions. This is because the pen is mightier than the sword, and intelligent individuals, well-informed, are more influential than the irrational shouting of invalid understanding.

Thus, the good news is that honest, clear, well-communicated and sound science tends to silence those who cannot challenge it without resorting to character attack. Please support us today!

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