180 Years of Atmospheric CO2 Measurement By Chemical Methods

by the late Ernst-Georg Beck

The Historical Data the IPCC Ignored

If we look at data from scientists of the 19th century, who’s measurement methods were accurate enough, we find CO2 levels as high as 445, as shown below.

The presumption that modern scientists have more integrity than prior ones is of course ludicrous.

Below we can see a correlation between temperature rising and CO2 rising, with the trace gas following the temperature rises, especially after around 1915. This is one of many inductive concepts derived from evidence that can be applied methodologically to reason to expected climate patterns.

We can infer that if that relationship holds, there were higher temperatures in the early 1800s, all else being equal. We can also

Another inductive concept is that higher plant growth rates reduce CO2 concentration, which we can see below, even in time periods as short as a day.

We can infer this idea that it is possible that cooler temperatures might precipitate a fall in CO2 concentration over longer periods. But we also can recognize yet another driving inductive concept that higher concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere will be absorbed at lower ocean water temperatures, according to Henry’s Law.

Another inductive concept modelling CO2 concentration would be partial pressure at a given temperature holding CO2 concentration stable. No matter how much CO2 is added, the ocean water temperatures dictate the CO2 concentration, as the sink is too large and the CO2 concentration too small.

Clearly, the science is not “settled”.