Problems with Climate Science Data

Governments and Institutions have been Altering Data to Conform to CO2 Rises

We Need an Honest Alternative

ESA Alters Temp Data

The ESA started using Land Surface Temperatures, not air temperatures at 2m above the surface. They supplied this new temperature standard to the press, without clarifying to the viewers that “the map shows the actual temperature of the land’s surface which is significantly hotter than air temperatures”. And the scary colors?


EU Alters Temp Data

In Germany, above, we see CO2 rises with no corresponding temperature rises. Below, the UK has also altered their data.

UK Alters Temp Data
UN's IPCC Alters Temp Data

Above, the IPCC changed temperatures to the lower left, with the alterations confirming the changes on its right, and below are NASA’s “time of observation” alterations.


NASA Alters Temp Data